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How the Professionals Grow Marijuana

DEA and Drugs

How many Americans realize that the passing of all the above acts were mainly achieved by the financing of a group of wealthy businessmen? The campaigns in Colorado and Nevada were financed with 6 million dollars from three men: George Soros, Peter Lewis and John Sperling. Also occasionally included in this group with supporting legalizing marijuana is George Zimmer.

Let’s examine the facts about these men, beginning with the primary financier and the group’s admitted leader, George Soros. George Soros is actually Dzjegdzhe Shorash, a Hungarian Jew who left Germany for England after World War II. George Soros is a billionaire financier, who personally contributed over 1/2 million dollars to the passing of the propositions in California, according to the DEA website. However, other sources report that he has contributed $30 million to promoting so-called drug reform, which means he wants to do more than just legalize marijuana. He has also contributed $2.8 billion towards his personal foundation, the Soros Foundation, which is supposed to promote “liberal democracy throughout the globe.” He also supports the so-called “Open Society Institute.” Both are supposed to be fighting for so-called democracy, but are also known for supporting marijuana and other drug legalization. In fact, the president of OSI, Aryeh Neier, stated: “Criminalization is a strategy that buys into the notion that if you lock up enough young black males – for whatever reason – you will promote public safety.” By criminalization, Neier is referring to the fact that American laws consider drug use criminal. Evidently, Neier thinks that mostly black males are imprisoned for drug use. While this may be true, the black community should think about who is really supplying them with the drugs they use in such large quantities. Do they see the Jew mongrel behind the smokescreens? Or should this author take the advice of so many and call these people one world internationalists instead of the Jews that they are? For those who refuse to see who is behind most of America’s problems, and want to use euphemisms like “international bankers” and “one-worlders,” let them open their eyes and let them start telling the full truth. Then, maybe the American people would awake from their sleep of death.

On average, Soros contributes $1 million a year at least just to fighting for ballots similar to California’s Proposition 215 in other states. He also supports so-called “cannabis clubs,” which are evidently spots where people can go to smoke marijuana, and has created the Lindesmith Center, which is a self-proclaimed “drug reform institute” located in Soros’ home state, New York, and which is fronted by another Jew (the son of a rabbi), Ethan Nadelman.