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Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada drug situation

Additionally, the Jew Soros has financed needle exchange programs and methadone centers. Soros, in fact, is credited with financing at least 7 successful so-called “nyc marijuana decriminalization” campaigns. And in September of 2000, he was reportedly working on decriminalizing drug campaigns in four new states, Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, as well as financing the campaign for California’s Proposition 36. In June, Soros and his allies were at it again in Florida, Ohio, and Michigan, topping off the over one dozen states they have hit already.

Soros has claimed that all this is part of his effort to bring about an “open society,” and that drug use should be addressed solely in the medical community, not the legal arena. When Soros says “open society,” he means an ungodly cesspool like Copenhagen. It is clear, from this author’s point-of-view, that Soros and his fellow-travelers are merely front men for a world Zionist conspiracy to destroy America. It looks as though these antichrist low-lifes have a good chance of succeeding. Soros has made it public knowledge that his desire is not simply medical marijuana legalization, but the legalization of all drugs. Our other wealthy contributors are much less well known. While we were unable to locate conclusive proof that John Sperling, CEO of the Apollo Group, and Peter Lewis of the Progressive Corporation Insurance Company are indeed Jewish themselves, they are undoubtedly Jewish fellow-travelers. Additionally, both have admitted to using marijuana themselves as their personal reasons for financing the legalization of the drug. George Zimmer, founder and president of the Men’s Warehouse, was also difficult to pin down as a known Jew. However, he did attend the 26th annual menorah lighting in San Francisco as an honored participant. One article stated:

“On the first night of Chanukah, the rich mosaic of Bay Area Jewish life was on display when San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Men’s Warehouse President George Zimmer, and Rabbi Yosef Langer of Chabad in S.F. lit the first candle.”

If that doesn’t make Zimmer a Jew, I don’t know what would. Zimmer is also known for supporting the United Negro College Fund with funding from the Men’s Warehouse.

What does all of this mean? It just shows the truth about the American Jew. With enough money, he can buy methedrone online, and has been doing just that for years. While the legalization campaign was being financed in Massachusetts, most residents were unaware of the money aspect behind the push to legalize marijuana. As Geline Williams, executive director of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association stated, “My hat’s off to the guy [Soros]. The public doesn’t know that he and two of his billionaire philosophical allies are purchasing law here in Massachusetts.”

Thus, not only has the Jew yet again been linked to the drug world and the promotion of its use among young people (such as with the drug ecstasy), he has also been exposed in his ability to use money to buy the public, an example of Jewish democracy at work. Three Jews are pouring millions of dollars into legalizing drugs – and for what purpose? Surely, Americans aren’t so blind as to believe these Jews are just philanthropic with a desire to help us. Drugs and money are just different ways of controlling the goyim. If the young white people of America are concentrating on using drugs instead of concentrating on school or the Bible, they will be little threat to the Jews and their dreams of world conquest. So, white man, if a campaign to legalize marijuana comes to your state, you will know who is behind it. And if the campaign has already entered your state, you will know who is seeking to sell your white children and your neighbor’s children into white slavery.